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An air jet driven rotor helicopter adapted to be attached to a pilot comprises a carrying structure (5-16-20) carrying rear an engine-compressor unit (1-2) and upper a rotor hub (25) with a plurality of blades (11) that are provided with a respective longitudinal channel, the engine-compressor unit (1-2) delivering through a delivery main duct (3) compressed air inside the blades (11) from ends of which the air exits rearward with respect to the direction of rotation of the blades (11), the carrying structure (5-16-20) having an upper portion (20) facing forward that is designed to sustain adjustably a distributor (9-10) constituted by a lower fixed part (9), and an upper pivoting part (10) sealed to each other, the one connected to the delivery main duct (3) of the engine-compressor unit (1-2), and the other provided with a plurality of holes in connection with the longitudinal channels of the plurality of rotor blades through respective fittings (19). A compressed air jet directional control is provided. [image]


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